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Launch of Colbico's New Perfume Collection: Floralessence for 'Aspinal of London'


Colbico is proud to announce the launch of its new perfume collection, "Floralessence." This series of olfactory creations is inspired by nature and innovation, offering a unique and refined sensory experience. Discover the exquisite notes and fascinating stories behind each fragrance, available now.

Collection overview

The "Floralessence" collection features three distinct perfumes, each capturing the essence of iconic gardens from around the world.

  • 'Green Rose': A tribute to English roses, complemented by top notes of freesia and bergamot, a heart of rose and jasmine, and a base of musk, patchouli, and moss.

  • 'Ochre Spice': A warm blend of organic ginger, tobacco leaves, blond tobacco, white woods, tonka bean, and vanilla.

  • 'Musky Fig': A fragrance that evokes a summer fig tree, with top notes of mandarin and bergamot, a heart of fig leaves and cardamom, and a base of fig milk, musk, and vetiver.

Inspirations and concept

Each perfume in the 'Floralessence' collection draws inspiration from unique gardens and symbolic floral landscapes. The concept behind this collection is to capture natural beauty and translate it into innovative olfactory experiences.

  • 'Green Rose' is inspired by the timeless elegance of English rose gardens.

  • 'Ochre Spice' finds its roots in exotic gardens and distant travels.

  • 'Musky Fig' evokes the serenity and greenery of summer gardens.

Creation process

The creation of 'Floralessence' began with extensive research on iconic gardens and their unique essences. Colbico's perfumers meticulously selected high-quality ingredients for each fragrance. The creation process included phases of design, olfactory testing, and production, ensuring that each perfume meets the house's high standards.

Availability and points of sales

The 'Floralessence' collection is now available in ‘Aspinal of London’ boutiques and on the official website ( We also offer discovery samples to allow customers to experience each fragrance before purchasing.


We invite you to discover the 'Floralessence' collection and share your impressions. Each perfume in this collection represents a unique olfactory journey, blending nature and innovation. Join us in this sensory experience and let yourself be enchanted by Colbico's olfactory creations.


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