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Aspinal of London, established in 2001, is a luxury brand renowned for its meticulously crafted leather goods. Specialising in classic handbags exuding quality and sophistication, the brand has gained global recognition. Its timeless designs are favoured by discerning clientele, making Aspinal of London a symbol of luxury in the world of leather goods.

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Courrèges Paris, founded by André Courrèges in 1961, is a French fashion label renowned for its avant-garde and futuristic style. Offering ready-to-wear collections, accessories, and fragrances characterised by unique scents and sleek packaging, the brand has made a mark in the fashion industry. With a commitment to sustainability, Courrèges Paris prioritises eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing, while its creations epitomise elegance, modernity, comfort, and practicality.

Pal Zileri, founded in Italy in 1980, epitomises luxury men's fashion, blending traditional Italian tailoring with contemporary styles. Their high-quality clothing and accessories suit any occasion, from formal events to casual outings.

Richard James, established in London in 1992, is a top-tier men's fashion brand renowned for its bespoke suits, shirts, accessories, and casual attire, exuding elegance and refinement.

With clean cuts, innovative materials, and meticulous craftsmanship, their collections boast superior fabrics and attention to detail. Available in exclusive fashion boutiques in London and luxury outlets globally.


Scotch & Soda is a Dutch fashion brand founded in 1985. They offer unique collections for men and women, blending casual and elegant styles with a touch of sophistication. Their clothing, accessories, and fragrances are influenced by exotic destinations and diverse cultures, adding an adventurous vibe to each piece. Their fragrances feature floral, woody, and spicy notes, evoking positivity and freedom. Scotch & Soda is a premium brand for those seeking sophistication and adventure in their daily lives.


Starck Parfums Paris, founded in 1990 by Philippe Starck, is a luxury perfumery celebrated for its unique fragrances and sophisticated packaging. With distribution in high-end stores worldwide, it seamlessly blends quality ingredients, innovation, and iconic design.

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