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Aspinal of London, the famous British leather goods brand, has recently added a new product line with the launch of its first fragrance collection. Our olfactory creation agency was tasked with creating the fragrance universe of the brand, establishing it in the market, and developing the first olfactory collection. We approached the project with passion and meticulousness to offer a unique and refined olfactory experience to Aspinal of London's customers.

The fragrance collection offers options for women, men, and a unisex option that everyone can enjoy, created from premium quality ingredients with a distinct olfactory design.


Aspinal of London's first fragrance collection pays tribute to the brand's elegance and refinement, offering a complete luxury experience ranging from leather goods to fragrances.

The launch of the fragrance collection is scheduled for Fall 2023.


GREEN ROSE (edp), OCHRE SPICE (edt) and MUSKY FIG (edt)



Pal Zileri is a renowned Italian fashion brand, known for its elegant and refined style. Founded in 1980, the brand quickly became a symbol of masculine elegance, blending tradition and innovation in each of its creations.

Pal Zileri is synonymous with quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and meticulous details, making it a favorite choice for sophisticated men around the world. We had the honor of being approached by Pal Zileri to collaborate with them on an exciting project.

The brand entrusted us with the mission of creating the fragrance universe of the brand, positioning it in the market, and developing its first olfactory collection. This opportunity allowed us to work closely with their team to capture the essence of the brand and capture its distinctive identity through a collection of modern and elegant fragrances.

Each fragrance in this first collection has been carefully designed to reflect Pal Zileri's Italian elegance while offering a unique and memorable olfactory experience. We are delighted to be a part of this project and look forward to presenting this new line of products that will captivate fashion enthusiasts and connoisseurs of sophisticated fragrances.

The Pal Zileri fragrance collection will be available in the fall of 2023, bringing a new olfactory dimension to the universe of this iconic brand.

The launch of the fragrance collection is scheduled in 2024.


Our first collaboration with Richard James, a renowned British luxury brand, was successful. Together, we set out to relaunch their iconic "Savile Row" fragrance, and the results have been remarkable.

Our goal was to modernise the fragrance while preserving the very essence of the brand. In close collaboration with representatives of Richard James, we carefully analysed the brand's values, history, and position in the market to better understand consumer expectations.

We redesigned the packaging and redesigned the presentation of the brand to meet today's consumer expectations. As a result of this fruitful collaboration, sales have increased, and Richard James has emerged as a key player in the luxury perfumery industry. We are proud of this successful partnership and look forward to collaborating with other brands in the future.

Our experience with Richard James has reinforced our commitment to creating fragrances that transcend expectations and reflect each brand's unique identity.

We aspire to continue to excel in our work and contribute to the success of our partners in the world of luxury fragrance.


100ml + 50ml

As a result of the success of our first collaboration with the famous fashion brand Richard James, we had the opportunity to develop a premium collection of perfumes in partnership.

Each perfume in this collection has been specially designed to match different types of people and occasions.

"So Citrus" is a refreshing citrus-based fragrance, perfect for reviving and energising after a morning workout or for a busy day. "Blade of Grass" emits a sophisticated and green fragrance, ideal for business meetings and occasions. "Ecorce d'épices" is a unique and distinguished fragrance that adds a touch of elegance to any formal event.

Finally, "Black Vanilla" is a seductive and sophisticated fragrance, specially designed to be worn with formal attire such as a tuxedo, at a chic dinner in the city.

Each perfume in the collection has been meticulously crafted to complement different types of fabrics, highlighting the attention to detail and luxury that are characteristic of the Richard James brand. The packaging and sleek bottle design reflect the brand's elegant aesthetic, with bright colours to add a modern touch.

This successful collaboration has strengthened our partnership with Richard James and allowed us to create an exceptional collection of perfumes. We are delighted with the success of this achievement and look forward to continuing to collaborate with the brand on future exciting projects.


So Citrus, Blade of Grass, Ecorce d'Epices, and Black Vanilla.



We have been selected as the exclusive distributor of the Starck Paris fragrances collection, created by the famous French designer Philippe Starck, for the British market. As a highly specialised distribution company, we were excited to showcase our expertise by introducing this unique and creative fragrance collection from Starck Paris to the UK.

The Starck Paris fragrance collection is known for its originality and elegance. We were convinced that this range would generate great interest among sophisticated fragrance consumers in the UK. We worked closely with high-end retailers and beauty professionals to provide exceptional shopping experiences for customers.

Our commitment to excellent customer service, product quality, and the success of commercial partnerships was at the heart of our approach. To support our distribution partners, we provided marketing tools, targeted promotions, and training to boost sales and increase brand awareness.

We were delighted to offer British consumers the opportunity to discover the world of Starck Paris fragrances.

This collaboration was effectively executed, leveraging our expertise in distribution.


Peau de Pierre, Peau de Soie and Peau d'Ailleurs


Following the successful launch of the Starck Paris fragrance collection in the UK, the brand has chosen Colbico as the distributor for their new exquisite fragrance range.

This new range consists of two distinct fragrances: "Peau de Lumiere Magique" for women and "Peau de Nuit Infinie" for men. "Peau de Lumiere Magique" is a floral and oriental scent, while "Peau de Nuit Infinie" offers a woody and spicy essence that evokes subtle masculinity.

Colbico has worked closely with its distribution partners to ensure an exceptional shopping experience for customers.

Sophisticated marketing tools, targeted promotions, and detailed training have been provided to boost sales and increase brand awareness.

This fruitful collaboration has been a great success for all parties involved, once again demonstrating Colbico's talent and expertise in distributing high-end fragrances.


Peau de Lumiere Magique, Peau de Nuit Infinie


slogan-eau-de-parfum-100ml (1).jpg

We have been chosen for the exclusive launch and distribution of the complete range of Courrèges perfumes in the British market.

With our extensive experience in luxury product marketing throughout Europe, we were enthusiastic to implement our expertise to offer Courrèges perfumes in the UK.

Courrèges perfumes are renowned for their timeless elegance, sophistication, and originality. We were convinced that their presence in the British market would be greatly appreciated by discerning perfume consumers. Thus, we collaborated with high-end retailers and beauty professionals to offer an unforgettable shopping experience to customers.

Our commitment to excellence in customer service, product quality, and commercial partnership success has been at the heart of our approach. We supported all our retail partners by providing them with training, marketing tools, and targeted promotions, to boost sales and increase brand awareness.

We were delighted to have offered British consumers the chance to discover the world of Courrèges perfumes

This collaboration was successfully executed, thanks to our expertise in distribution.


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